Habitat Coworking


After spending thousands of hours consulting in many different businesses across the east coast of Australia (and in particular,Toowoomba), I discovered that an exclusive, creative space that could be utilised by business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs was a must!

We all too often spend so much time working IN the business that we rarely take enough time out to work ON the business. How many times have you heard that? 🙂 Well I wanted to create a space to solve that challenge without the dull and uninspiring fluorescent lights and laminate flat pack tables that you often see in Boardrooms and meeting spaces.

I wanted to create a space where people ACTUALLY wanted to spend time. A space that inspires creativity and excitement. My greatest hope is that Habitat can play a small part in creating massive positive change in our local business environment whether that be for strategic planning, creating clear and compelling visions, staff training or just a rad place to meet.

Owner and Founder
Steve Claydon


Ph:  0432 097 696

Website:  https://www.habitatcoworking.com.au/

Email: steve@steveclaydon.com



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