Round Square Marketing

Round Square Marketing is a Toowoomba based consultancy offering clients a one-stop shop for their marketing and communications needs.

round square marketing logo

The team is well recognised in the industry for developing and delivering no-nonsense, affordable marketing strategies – from brochures for start-up businesses through to business positioning for SME’s. Whether it be commercial heavyweights, not for profit organisations, government representatives or industry advocates, Round Square Marketing has worked with them all.
With a solid understanding of how business really works – they recognise that marketing need not cost a fortune to deliver results and positive impressions. Round Square can work with your team anywhere, anytime to bring maximum results for your investment.

– Strategy and planning
– Event management
– Community Engagement
– Brand development and positioning
– Corporate communications
– Trade exhibitions
– Fundraising


Contact details:


Phone:  0746 321 990

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